Typing Troubles?

Have you ever wondered about learning how to type?

Or gotten really frustrated because you can’t? (below)



There are multiple typing sites that we use at my school: The main one is well structured and good for when you just get started. Interested? click here!

but there’s more!!!

In my computer class, if you could type the typing test in the link above five times with      at-least 50 words per minute and 95% accuracy, you moved on to this link!

With both of these you need to make an account, but the accounts are free as can be, so no worries. Nothing in either of these costs money, and there is nothing about it that isn’t kid appropriate. There are fun interactive games that let you experience cool graphics as well as immersion in typing. Typing is essential in life. It is a great skill to have in the business world because people will notice that you can get work done faster. No more tango typing, get to work the right way! No more frustration, no more wondering, and please none of this!



About spunkasaurus

I am a soon to be eleven year old girl, and I love fashion and poetry. I love dark chocolate and good books and I hope you do too.
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2 Responses to Typing Troubles?

  1. Ms. Remick says:

    You are making your tech teacher very proud Mina! Hope you are having a terrific summer!

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